Saturday, 18 January 2014

Inspiration: While the kids are away, the parents are out to play (part 1)

After the holidays were over, the kids were out staying with their grandparents. And for the first time in about 12 months we had the whole weekend to ourselves! I didn't even have to work since I work every other weekend. What a joy and what to do? A whole weekend without kids! The only thing we knew, was that we definitely would go to a restaurant! Going to a restaurant without kids, is kind of a forbidden joy for parents and we were going to take advantage of that! I also wanted to take this oppurtunity to find some nice paper.
The first day we went to Nijmegen to the Valkhof museum. It's a museum located in a park on the riverside in Nijmegen, the oldest city of the Netherlands. And that was such a beautiful museum! I loved it! Full of Roman artefacts that were found in and around Nijmegen. There was a lovely view from the museum looking over the bridge over the river. Roman glassware on the foreground.

I love these medieval books. The beautiful illustrations and calligraphy. Luckily this was behind glass, I wouldn't be able to control myself to feel the thick pages.

The modern art section was very light and full of great stuff. I don't know who those people are on this picture by the way. I was looking for my boyfriend as we always drift into different directions in a museum. But then we always end up looking for each other. We are not very efficient at that.
I'm definitely going back to this museum though, but then with the kids. They would love the Roman section! I'm sure of it!

And the great thing about museums is, they have a shop! I love museum shops! Full of postcards and books. I bought some postcards as a always do, but I also found this really funny note holder! It's only small and whatever you write on a note will be visible inside the telly frame. Vintage hoarder as I am, I just needed this! Like it was a life necessity.

After our museum visit, we payed a visit to Flying Tiger. It's a store with lots of cheap home-ware stuff. I was a bit disappointed with their collection though. It's not that cheap as I expected. I found some paper-ware though.

And right across the street was a thrift shop! There's no stopping me at a thrift shop! I found some music books I can use for some paper craft or make envelopes amongst other things. And this swan thing. It turns out it's a ringholder.

And what a lovely day it was. After wandering through the city centre we ended up in a restaurant. With a glass of wine, and a 4 course meal. How lovely, and how strange without kids.

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