Monday, 20 January 2014

Outgoing; Vintage mail to Belgium

A mail went out to Yves. He had sent me this beautiful letter with his calligraphic Spencerian handwriting (so jealous). So I searched for my old dip pen I knew had to be somewhere amongst my stuff. But when I found it, there was no ink to be found! The nib of my dip pen was full of old ink I couldn't get of any more unfortunately. But still I didn't know if I could write with it. I always used it to make drawings. There's just something about dipping your pen in a ink pot.
Couple of days later I found some black ink at a bookstore and tucked away on the same shelf was this pot of brown ink. The saleswomen stated that really no one bought ink any more these last years, so that pot of brown ink could have been there for years and years! It's that brown ink that I used to write a letter with my dip pen. Not a great succes. The nib was to full of old ink (maybe twenty years old ink) and my handwriting was still as terrible as ever. I tried to make a drawing with the dip pen on a huge tag. Turned out I was a lot better at that.

I used my calligraphy stamp, also with brown ink to stamp the letter and the envelope.

I found these botanical vintage prints at a thrift shop last year. And included them in to the small parcel.

I also included a vintage needle book and a button holder (I think that is what it was) for Yves' wife. I follow her on Instagram and she has such a beautiful vintage taste!

Next time I'm just going to put a string to the label I wrote the adress on and tie it around the envelope. That would look so much better. Well, next time hey!

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