Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A round up of autumn crafts this year

A lot of creativity this autumn! Acorns seemed to be the theme this year. A round up of all the crafty stuff at our house, or send or received in the mail.
A cute little matchbox with a gold glitter acorn cap.
Oh deer! Tiny wooden leafs (received) Drawn bird on wood. Halloween! Let's have some tea! I just love this acorn tea cutlery. Such fun in making! Drawn plants on wooden hanger. Pumpkin made by my daughter (8 years old) at her art class. Also made by my daughter at art class, the theme was: Indian summer. She makes me proud! Acorn caps with colourful tiny felt balls. Dried apples from the apples of our own tree. First time I had tried this! It smelled lovely! This ever so cute little hedgehog! It's so sweet! From Bianca's mail. I can never crochet anything like that unfortunately. The kids were fighting over it, but I didn't want it to get lost in their rooms somewhere. Therefore we compromised, we had a bowl of autumn stuff on our table (pineapples, acorns, leafs and branches) and it had its own place on top of a leaf! A real classy acorn! The acorn people, made by my daughter and me. She wanted to do something crafty with our new gluegun, looked at my Pinterest board and found something like this. She went of to collect everything she needed and all I had to do was glue it all together. And some more classy acorns. They catch the light so beautifully!

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