Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Good mail envelope

Last week I have received this beautiful mail from Leuke Post! A simple but very elegant mail I thought. Isn't this a cute envelope? Well I think it is! An envelope made from a page of an old book. A vintage book with a page about paper and what to do with it. Well, Janien definitely had some ideas what to do with it!

Inside the envelope was a brown envelope. Inside that one a white one, than an blue, another blue, a brown one, and finally a small white envelope (a seventies envelope by the feel of it). What a unpacking surprise that was! I loved it!! And the colours of the envelopes were stunning! Probably by accident, or intended, I don't know really, but the blue, brown and white, they all match so beautifully!

Inside this tiny envelope was this ever so cute litte artwork! Stamped (but maybe it is a linocut come to think of it). Also a small piece of paper with old fashioned handwriting on it. Wish I could write like that, but my handwriting is almost unreadable. The card is made of the same paper as the tiny envelope by the way. It's a small detail, but I love details, it's all in the detail in the end.

Just to see how small the little artwork is, here are all the envelopes in a row. Have I mentioned already that I adore these colours? Well, I do. So there's that. The idea of this mail is actually so simple, but so nice, that I wished I thought of this, but I haven't. All credit to Leuke Post!


  1. Wat mooi! Ik vind het ook erg leuk om te zien dat ook een snailmail zonder hele pakketten aan inhoud (ook leuk!) juist ook zo mooi kan zijn. Less is more zeg maar. Knap.


    1. Dat vind ik nu ook, less is more! Als het maar goede less is :-)

  2. Mijn snailmail kunsten zijn wat minder, maar dit ziet er echt super goed uit!


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