Sunday, 17 November 2013

Vintage matchbox snailmail

this mail went out to Anne this week.
I wanted to do something with matchboxes. On her blog, she wrote she was making matchboxes, so I knew she was into those. And after throwing away a few boxes at the hospital were my office is, I've found a small box in the container, perfect for mail size! So I almost had to jump in to get it out, but I managed it at the end! Turned out it was perfect for 8 matchboxes! I finally could use my modpodge for this for the first time! What a great kind of glue that is! I'm hooked!
I have used a few old books (a fairytale book, a book about birds and a book about medicinal plants) to cover the matchboxes and the box. So the style of everything fitted together. And a small magnifying glass, since everything was really small!
And this is what I've managed to fit in 8 matchboxes! At first I found it quite hard to think of things, besides a letter of course, to fit in these tiny boxes, but once I got going I had inspiration enough!
This is what was all inside: buttons, confetti, a letter, felt owls, a garland, a key chain, a tiny woman, tiny stationary (my favourite!), a tiny light (made of an old children's toy) and three wooden hangers.


  1. It's so pretty! Leuke foto's heb je gemaakt :)
    Groetjes, Anne

  2. Geweldig Franka!!! Ben erg benieuwd hoe je de knopen heb "bekleed" met het papier, ze zijn er super leuk uit!

    1. Mod Podge! Ik ben helemaal fan nu! Jammer alleen dat het zo duur is, een potje kost 8 euro ofzoiets. Maar echt fijn spul!

  3. Hallo Franka,
    heel mooi gedaan en bijna vertederend resultaat door de eenvoud, het miniformaat van alles maar daardoor ook weer groots gedaan !!

  4. Wat ontzettend prachtig, mooi & lief!
    Ik ben er helemaal verliefd op...


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