Saturday, 2 November 2013

Mail to Nicolette

This mail went out to Nicolette last week. Still in an Autumn feel. I discovered I had some leaf stamps and stamped away on the envelope. She always sends me a small (small in comparison to my other mails) mail, so I had a hard time sending something on return what still represents me and was in balance with her mail.
Inside the envelope, this wrapped package with label.
This was what was wrapped, three bags! Made of pieces of wallpaper my kids and I found at the DIY store. Those pieces are free scraps of paper you can take home! Turns out they are really easy to sew on the sewingmachine! So I sewn these bags out of it.
This is what I've put inside, a handmade card with embroidery on it, a squirrel, buttons on a card, tea, a label, a card with a few shiny deer and the word "herfst" (autumn) on it and a paperbow.

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  1. Nice! Ik heb laatst een hele stapel (...) meegenomen, nog niet helemaal zeker wat ik er precies mee ging doen. Dit is alvast een leuk idee!
    Het blijft ook leuk hoe zo'n stukje uit de lettertang gelijk iets bijzonder maakt.


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