Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Last week I've been to big craftfair. I'd never been to a craftfair so I was quite excited! Well this craftfair is once a year and lasts a couple of days, but I always figured it was for the "not so crafty" crafters. For the old women with nothing better to do then make really stupid cards from really stupid books. The thing that bothers me about that is that is all predesigned. Just follow the instructions and make exactly the same as the book says. Well, that's just totally not me! First of all I'm way to stubborn for that, and second, when I'm starting a project, it usually turns out rather different as when I first started. Most of the time I let my imagination give me instructions, and that's all the instructions I need. Let go, daring to try and see possibilities. What a life lesson! Well, in creativity I live by that rule, as a mom I should do more of that.... Oh, I'm drifting off.... Craftfair. I couldn't find anyone to come with me, so I went alone. I always find that a bit nerve wrecking, will I find it? Will I be okay on my own? Well, first of all I ended in a massive traffic jam, as if all the dutch people decided to go to that same craftfair. I finally arrived, and nerves gone! I thought I was really cool! Once inside I was overwhelmed! It was huge! Where to start? I just decided to start left and follow left all the time. That seemed as sort of a plan anyway. And yes, there were a lot, and a mean a lot, of old women. Where they were all crowding in front of a stall, I knew I could skip that one. At the end of the day I found myself with lots and lots of bags. Paper, stickers, stamps, ink and what you not! I just bought way to much. And my muscles really hurt from carrying all the lovely craftstuff. I even felt really brave and did a origami workshop! It took me about three days to recuperate, but damn! It was worth it!


  1. Ik ben er 1 keer geweest toen ik nog geen kinderen had, minstens 100 jaar geleden. Maar als ik al die enthousiaste verhalen hoor moet ik er toch een keer weer heen. Mocht je volgend jaar weer willen en je hebt niemand om mee te gaan, dan hou ik me van harte aanbevolen, want hier kan ik ook niemand warm maken voor dit soort dingen...

    1. Deal! Gaan we op snailmail treasure hunting!


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