Friday, 8 November 2013

Classy autumn mail to Belgium

This mail went out to Inge last week. I turned out quite classy, by accident really. I felt like doing a drawing on the envelope in the colours of our beech hedge at the moment. Those colours! Ranging from yellow, orange, brown and a few green leafs.
This was inside the envelope. Two packages. I was so pleased with her mail I could not send her just anything. So I took a bit of time to make it all!
I was so pleased with the little package, it made me laugh. I saw cute tea cutlery made of acorns on Pinterest and thought I give it a go!
And this was the second package. A folder made of cheececloth. And this time I've made an actual plan before I started my adventure on my sewing machine. And it just came out as I intended this time!
This is what I've all put inside. Full of autumn stuff, but all classy. Two postcards, a garland, a necklace. A sticker, autumn craft stuff, two feathers I've found while visiting a castle, sticky notes, a pencil, seeds, a wooden deer and felt owls. And a letter!
I've made a drawing on a piece of wood on both sides and drilled a hole in it to make a autumn hanger of it.
A leaf garland made from old books. I've managed to put it all inside the little bag I've made from baking paper! I never seem to find glassine pape, but then I discovered I had baking paper in my drawer! A really good alternative!
A little craft envelope full of autumn goodies. Some felt stuff, tiny shiny deer and tiny leafs.
An autumn sticker inside a baking paper bag.
And last but not least a necklace with a tiny bead of an acorn. So cute!

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