Thursday, 28 November 2013

Leuke post 3

This mail came from leuke Post! It's the third one from a series of 5 mails. I love these stamps from Leuke Post! They are so colourful! On the postagestamp I think the postman tried to make a drawing, well, keep practising postman!

Yep number 3!

Inside a vintage kitschy style postcard, a bag full of glitter and three small wrapped parcels.

This is what was inside the little parcels, a really cute button! Four small fabric roses, and four buttons with a little vintage paper still on it!

All the glitter made it a really colourful package! Shame my phone can't catch the light which was reflected on the glitter.

On the back of the envelope some really cool washi tape from the Hema! In postagestamps style. Unfortunately our nearest store didn't have it over here. But maybe that's better for my wallet, since I would definitely have bought it!

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