Monday, 2 December 2013

Happy mail to Leuke Post

Since I really like all the mail Janien from Leuke Post sent me so far, I decided to send her some mail in return. Suddenly I wondered, she sends happy mail to (i think) lots of people, but does anyone send her something in return? And also, just because mail can make you happy.

This is what I've send her. A handdrawn card, two glassine bags with in the one a christmassy card with two splitpins in shape of a maple leaf and some glitter, in the other some vintage pictures. Two slides with small people, and some small pink and red origami hearts!

On the back of the card I've written with my lettertape: "just because mail can make you happy" The slides were wrapped to protect them in the mail. All the accent colours were red, just a little detail.

I've found these slides in my drawer and used them as a frame for two postagestamps. By accident I've found a fairy tale about small and big Klaas and glued that onto the slides together with some little people! Unfortunately the little yellow person was loosened while in post, despite my wrapping.

The origami hearts were quite small but really cute! I've wrapped them together with a piece of string.

The card was made from an old really ugly postcard on which I've glued a page from a book. And then I drew a bird in it. Simple but beautiful.

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  1. Wauw!! Wat kan jij moooooi tekenen... En verder ook weer een geweldig pakketje zeg...!


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