Thursday, 5 December 2013


For the Sinterklaas swap thing I got sent these two envelopes! They arrived on different days as well!

Inside the packages were another two envelopes which said: do not open until the 5th of December! In case I would forget and "by accident" open it earlier :-)
This what was inside the two envelopes, a handmade Sinterklaas book, some presents, and a vintage card. The book of Sinterklaas was full of colouring pages and stuff for the kids. Well I do hope it was for the kids anyway.
Inside a small package were these three geisha beads. Kinda cool!

This was what was in the other presents and some stuff that came from the Sinterklaas book. Some Sinterklaas napkins, a puzzle, some stickers, a tin and two cards.

I thought the tin and the beads were colourful! Tins can be used for loads of stuff! Kinda have a thing for small tins, can't help it. The (self printed) vintage card got a bit wrinkled through the mail, but vintage is cool anyway. Inside the tin were a few instructions for Sinterklaas craft stuff. Some crochet (a "must try" for 2014) and a origami manual I couldn't  read since the resolution of the image was to low.

And then this unexpected parcel arrived! It really must be Sinterklaas!

It was from a snailmail swapsite i've joined in the summer. I had sent someone something, but that person never registered it. So that was the end of it for me. But somehow my name showed up on the mailing list and a Janet send me this! An unexpected surprise! Inside this mailbox was a letter, a recipe (I'm going to try that next year!), chocolate coins and some small wrapped things. I liked this one, lucky hangers from Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet! And Amerigo (the white horse of Sinterklaas) and his staff!

You gotta love the old Sinterklaas! These are prints of real stamps by the way.

Unexpected but really good fun! There was also a block of sticky notes inside and dress up dolls, the kids loved it!

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