Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Sinterklaas mail

I joined in the fun to make a Sinterklaas mail with a bunch of snailmail lovers. I think there were about 32 people or so who participated. We were randomly matched to someone, and someone else would send you something in return. It was supposed to be a creative mail with a little present inside. I got matched with Marjolijn (whom I don't know by the way).
In case you don't know who Sinterklaas is: he's Saint Nicolas (Santa Claus is based on him, yes he's an icon!) He freed slaves and he gave presents to kids, well this is the story in a nutshell. We celebrate this every year. He always arrives on an old fashioned steam boat all the way from Spain with his pete's (the former slaves) about three weeks before the 5th of December. In the evenings, kids put their shoe in front of the fireplace, and hopefully Sinterklaas will come by at night through the chimney and leaves a present or candy. Well, only if you have been a good boy or girl. At the 5th of December he arrives at night and leaves lots of presents! Most of the time they will magically appear somewhere, like in front of the frontdoor, or on the attic, or in the garage, etc. And then he goes of again, back to Spain.
Well, to cut a history story short, this is what I've sent her.

Yes, it was mail from the Good Holy man himself!

This is what was inside! Two presents, a "zwarte pieten muts" (a typical hat of the black pete's) and a book.

This was all in the book I've made. I had found an old book with vintage pictures and poems about Sinterklaas at the thrift shop. My boyfriend thought it was such a waste to start tearing pictures out of that book, but I've bought it especially for a Sinterklaas mail! So sod it! A picture of Sinterklaas arriving on the front. Inside some pages with fitted the Sinterklaas theme.

This is what was all inside the book, a letter M (in style of a tradional chocolate letter), a mini pom pom (from the wool that I had left from my knitting adventure) labels, some cute hearts, 3D Sinterklaas stickers, a letter (on Sinterklaas stationary) and a tiny box of chocolate (which was the small present).

I love these vintage pictures of Sinterklaas from which I made labels. Nowadays he looks a lot more friendly though.

In the big present was this, a flip-flop desktop mini kit! I've found it at the craftfair! And after some negotiating with the guy who sold it, I got a really good deal as well! (It's such a sport to negotiate) (my boyfriend is always really ashamed of me when I do, but then again he's happy when we get a good deal on something) Well the desktop mini kit is for scrap booking but also really cool for use in snailmail! With stickers, ribbon, paper, tags and labels and all sorts of cut outs. The cover of the mini kit can stand up right and can also be used as a photoframe!


  1. Wauw... Wat is het weer prachtig...! Inderdaad mooie labels en love de M. En je werkt altijd alles zo netjes af.

    1. Altijd netjes afwerken! Heb ik op school geleerd! Afgeraffeld en slecht geplakt is zó ergenis nummer 1!

    2. Helemaal mee eens Franka! Ik ben daar zelf best perfectionistisch in, maar soms krijg ik wel eens dingen waarvan ik denk, hoe durf je het zo op te sturen... ik waardeer echt wel alles wat ik opgestuurd krijg hoor, ook al is het niet mijn smaak, maar het is toch wel fijn als alles netjes afgewerkt is!

      Ik heb trouwens ook zo'n boek gekregen met de sint snail mail. Prachtig al die oude platen! De kit is ook erg leuk.


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