Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sintmail from bianca

I've received a Sinterklaas bag (de zak van Sinterklaas) through mail from Bianca! How funny is that! I think the postman thought it would never fit in my mailbox so he crushed the whole thing a little, I should have a word with this postmen guy some time soon I think!

Bianca has sewn typical Sinterklaas wrapping paper on top of the bag! And even used special postage stamps for this occasion, they smell of the traditional pepper nuts we eat during this season! Although yet again the postman was a bit to enthusiastic with stamping these stamps.

Since it was just for a little fun, Bianca has put this inside. Chocolate coins! Who doesn't love them! traditional pepper-nuts, some cards, a little note, some stickers (which were wrinkled due to our postman) and some tiny pressies!

Tadaa! And the pressies were: an eraser in shape of a cupcake (immidiately my daughter was nagging me for it, well okay I thought, but in hindsight, a cupcake eraser would look kinda cool on my desk), colourful handkerchiefs and some Sinterklaas labels.

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