Friday, 13 December 2013

Mail from Zalifa, the snailmail collective

This beautiful package arrived from Zalifa.
We were matched in the snailmail collective in November. We were emailing a bit to one another to get to know each other. Zalifa works in accounting in Singapore and is a real busy body. She also loves organising events. Well, she definately organised this beautiful package well! I would book her for my party if I lived in Singapore! I can't show yet what I have sent her, since she's away backpacking in Japan at the moment, but when she returns and hopefully finds my package, I'll post what I have sent her.

On the package, that was beautifully wrapped by the way (triple points for that!), were these really beautiful stamps. When you turn them to the light, the water cider on it started shining! pretty cool!

Inside the package was this shiny black box. This was making me really curious!

When I've opened the package there was a card folded on top with a note from Zalifa.

Underneath the card, it was all pure beauty what came out.

Check this all out! Two stacks of cards, a card and a bag full of wonderful craftstuff!

The first pack of cards is a game called Snap. We have something similar over here called Halli Galli. The prints on the cards are full of vintage cuteness! I can't decide if I'm going to use it to play games with the kids, or use it for snailmail. Think I'm going to go for playing with the kids. How great would that be, that in a few years I'll still be playing a card game that Zalifa has sent me.

The other deck of cards are city views of Singapore. I was totally off by thinking Singapore was the capital of Malaysia. Zalifa and Wikipedia set me straight right a way. Thought I was really good at geometry, but maybe I missed that class. Well, now I can see all of Singapore in this really lovely tin full of cards!

Inside the plastic bag full of craft stuff, all this came out! Love love! Like like! I'm totally into ribbons, applications and crafty stuff! Shiny gold beads and shiny gold flowers, so tacky that I really like them! And a cute telephone sticky note pad, some purple (leather?) lace and a pink lace application, and tiny clothes pegs on a rope. All so cute! Cuteness galore!

I could even make a bunch of flowers with all this, just by holding it all together!

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