Monday, 9 December 2013

Advent mail from Mischa

This mail arrived from Mischa the day after receiving my advent swap thing. What a lovely colourful envelope! She painted it herself! Love the colours!

There was a relief from the paint. Mischa described in her letter that she had bought a craft tool (which I never heard of) with which she can make these really cool swirls! How lovely is this!

And what a surprise for me inside! A letter ofcourse, a short one since she was lacking time with what she was doing for her kids, making a home made advent calender. That's probably what I'm going to do next year aswell, make my own! And also a really cool Christmas card in the same colours as the envelope! It's a small detail, but I'm all for detail.

Check out what was inside! An advent calender full of little wrapped gifts! Wow! Here was definitely some effort put into this! Labels, kraft paper, red wrapping paper, all in the same style. Like!

The tiny sticker labels Mischa made are so cute! And well thought of, therefore it made it all come together. I'm going to have fun uwrapping something everyday!

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