Thursday, 12 December 2013

Mail from Tanja

Last week I've received such a sweet mail from Tanja. She contacted me on my blog and asked if she could exchange snailmail with me. I think that's so special, if people contact me, I feel really blessed that people actually read my blog, and actually even some people like what I'm making and sending off to my snailmail friends!
This beautiful postage stamp was on the envelope by the way.

Well, Tanja herself is such a sweet lady who has set herself a challenge. A 365 days challenge to be exact! She is making a drawing every day for a whole year. I think that's pretty amazing! I'm way to lazy to set myself a challenge like that ;-)
This is what Tanja has sent me: a letter, two origami harts made from pages from a book, a postcard, a December calender and tree angel doilies.

This December calender (in Dutch) is really full of positivity! Every day of the month a quote for me, to cheer me up or to motivate and full of positive life quotes! I really like this! Today, the twelfth of December it says: To worry, is fantasizing in the wrong direction (it sounds way more beautiful in Dutch by the way) and so true. I think this is really original this calender, and I really like it! I've put it on the door of our computer room (that's what we call it, before that, we called it "our library", but after some people started to look funny when we mentioned our library, we decided that it sounded maybe a bit to pretentious for a room with a huge cabinet full of books). I've used washi tape to stick it on the door. I'm totally taking over that room with all my craft stuff lately, since we are doing up my studio, Yes, I'm going to have a real studio! One day, when it's finished. But untill then, I have this beautiful calender to look at to think positive.

Tanja also made these really cute angels on gold doillies! After a few days of my wallpaper I wondered if I would get the washi tape of my wallpaper without ruining it, so I've carefully taken the off (no harm was done to the wallpaper in case you wondered) now it's on the side of an in-build closet, next to my over the top, but still very classy white Christmas tree (decorated by the kids by the way), and they look really cool. My daughter thinks they are so sweet!
I'm sort of realising lately that maybe I'm a bit overdoing my mails. That's going to be something for the next year to look at. Keeping it simple is sometimes way more effective. I keep on learning and discovering lately.


  1. Wat een lieve kalender! En eh "overdoing" zou ik het niet willen noemen hoor! Ze zijn prachtig en aandachtig ;-)

    1. haha niet deze post is "overdone", deze is juist zo mooi in zijn eenvoud, ik ga juist veel te ingewikkeld doen soms, waarmee ik het mezelf juist veel te moeilijk maak en het te lang duurt voordat ik uberhaupt wat terug kan sturen, dat bedoel ik.

  2. Ik weet niet hoe ik je blogpost heb kunnen missen, maar ik had deze nog helemaal niet gezien. Leuk! En ik vind niet dat je teveel doet aan je snailmail, maar het is denk ik wel dat hoe langer dat je dit doet hoe hoger je de lat gaat leggen, omdat je je steeds op creatief gebied wilt uitdagen. Maar je partner is vaak nog niet zo lang met mail bezig en heeft dus een andere standaard. In elk geval vindt ik het heel mooi wat je allemaal doet, met aandacht ;)


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