Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Outgoing: Adventmail to Majella (the contents)

First of all: Merry Christmas to all my blogreaders!
Although I've already posted that I'd joined an adventswap, and since it's Chrismasday, I'm going to show you what was inside it all. I was matched to Majella by the way.

I've used the same colour, but different sizes brown paper bags to wrap everything. And used a red cord to tie the bags and tags together. Had a great time getting it all together. It took a while to find the right paper bags I wanted, but they just arrived in time, but it was a tight call! Just in time for sending off!
Half of the items were presents, the other half handmade or crafted. Maybe I've went a bit overboard with my crafting, but I got really inspired all of a sudden!

On day one a countdown calender to Christmas!

A Christmassy kind of hanger with an origami bird.

A postal like paper Christmas bauble.

A garland made of small strokes of folded paper.

From a vintage fairytale book a story about a Christmas tree which I've embroiderd together like a book. A matching green stamp and some Christmassy ribbon to tie it all together. I sort of imagined Majella reading that to her kids on Christmas eve. I do have a vivid imagination...

Origami paper stars. So much fun to make and really easy! Tutorial over here!

A little Christmas matchbox! With a tiny woman decorating a tiny paper Christmas tree with tiny paper baubles. I do have a thing for matchboxes and everything tiny.

Chistmas tags! In a clear plastic bag full of sparkle!

An embroidered Christmas card. I'm sorry to say that the back of it was really badly glued, I hate that when that happens, but you just can't get it off without damaging the whole card.

An glassine envelope with some tiny Christmas envelopes with Cristmas stuff. I must say it did look a lot nicer when it was all inside the glassine envelope. It's not a good picture (I am my worst critic)

A deer made of Hama beads! The kids were playing with their Hama beads and I joined in, it's such a patience thing to get those tiny beads on the right spot with my big grown up fingers.

More Christmas tags to go on Christmas presents! (the prints are made of velvet by the way) (really soft to the touch) (I kinda like that)

I've found a really good tutorial to make an origami paper ball. Although I can't seem to find the tutorial any more now. And my paper ball turned out like half a ball, but then I made a postcard from it! I've sent a small Led candle to go with it and it gives out a really good Christmas shine like this! I was really chuffed! But it really annoys me that I can't seem to find the link anywhere anymore.

These were all the presents that were inside along side the crafty stuff.

Glitter fragranced gel pens, moustache masking tape, a postal Christmas pin, stars, ribbon, a pencil (budget wise more efficient) (but with a sharpener!) a crafty butterfly kit, a really cool deer hanger, Christmas stickers, paper clocks, some wooden hangers, a tin and the wooden XMAS letters.

The tin is a tin with a nurse on top, so me! I've put some band aids inside, always handy when you have kids. You're going to need a lot of them!


  1. Hoi Franka,

    Ik heb echt heel erg genoten van je kerstadvent. De cadeautjes waren allemaal super gaaf en de zelfgemaakte dingen ook echt super. Mijn favoriet is wel het lampje en was inderdaad benieuwd hoe je dat gevouwen had en waar je het kleine lampje voor erin had gekocht. Ook het kleine luciferdoosje is echt super. Zo leuk dat ik gister ook een heleboel van die kleine poppetjes besteld heb.
    Echt super bedankt!!!

    Liefs Majella

  2. Als ik volgend jaar mee doe hoop ik zo dat jij mij trekt!
    Wat een heerlijk pakket en ik ben verliefd op het luciferdoosje. Ik heb daar ook a thing for, ik heb een tijdje messages in matchboxes gemaakt, je kunt er hier iets van zien:
    Heb je een trouwens een goed adresje voor die kleine poppetjes?

    1. iets van Hotreinenshop ofzoiets, daar vond ik ze het goedkoopst, alhoewel de kwaliteit niet geweldig is. Maar voor die prijs, ach....


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