Friday, 20 December 2013

Outgoing: Traditional costume mail to marloes

This mail went out to Marloes. She had sent me this really cool, fun and retro comic style superhero mail some time ago which I really like. I wanted to sent something as original back to her so I've really kept track off all the things she commented on my blog, facebook or Instagram so I got a bit of an idea what she would like. My conclusion was: a bit of everything to do with books, buttons, traditional costume and crafty stuff. I actually wanted to make a book for her, but when I got all my stuff together I realised it would never ever fit in a book. In the kitchen my kids have a hanger with really nice cards of nature pictures and information on them. And suddenly my eyes sort of glanced that way, and there it was, in front of me the whole time! A book (without a cover) on a ring! I've used the size of these cards as a template.

Marloes made a much better picture of the book thing, I kindly "borrowed" this picture from her. She had made really lovely pictures of it! Check it out on her blog!

I've found some nice pictures of traditional Dutch costume in an old book which I decorated with lovely (mostly thrifted) craft stuff, buttons, lace and what not.

All these cards (8 of them) would never ever fit in a normal envelope, so I decided to wrap it all in smaller bags to ensure that they would arrive safely.

They did arrive all in one piece in this envelopebox I managed to save from the recycled paper box! My boyfriend is always throwing away everything, I have a day job saving lovely stuff I want to recycle which he is always throwing away.


  1. Wow, wat prachtig gemaakt allemaal! Love it!

  2. Ik ben er nog steeds dolgelukkig mee, moet er steeds even naar kijken. En vooral ook aanzitten, moet altijd alles voelen, hihi!

  3. Mooi zeg! En grappig dat je vriend van alles weg gooit wat jij dan weer redt van de oud papierbak hahaha!


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