Monday, 23 December 2013

Incoming: I (nearly) won!

Since I never ever win something, I (nearly) won something this time! Carin from Moose Traveling (check out her blog) had bought a book at a thrift shop full of nice pictures from deer. She had put a photo on her blog with some stuff surrounding a nice picture from that book. She asked if anybody knew what she would use and the winner would receive some cards she would make with the ites and the picture. Well, I didn't win. But since Carin is a good sport, she decided to send everybody who joined in some cards! Yeah! So that's the story of how I nearly won.

This was inside the envelope Carin had sent.

A sewn bag, a tag, a postcard from her blog, postcards from the deer picture and a hanger made of a domino game piece. On the back of the domino card was a small note about giving, giving gives more pleasure than keeping everything for yourself. As my postal project develops, I can safely say that's true.

The postcard turned out really funny!


  1. Wat een leuke kaart! Ik weet niet waarom, maar ik win heel veel... Geen geld of grote dingen, maar ik vind die kleine spulletjes toch echt super leuk. Mijn familie wil al met me naar het casino :-) En dan ben ik ook nog eens gelukkig in de liefde!

    1. haha ik ben alleen gelukkig in de liefde, win dus nooit iets :-)


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