Friday, 27 December 2013

Incoming: Advent mail from Mischa (the contents)

This was my second advent mail, this was a total surprise from Mischa! And even more unpacking fun every day. It was almost like a birthday this month, but then everyday of this month! What a joy it all was!

This was all inside, ribbon, a notebook, stamps, beads, hangers, buttons, a home made stamp, a sheet of music, stickers, pictures, a seashell, tea, labels and some vintage pictures.

The sheet of music can be used for making an envelope or some small bags, or a card or whatever I can think of! The wooden Santa hanger now hangs on my kitchen door!

This seashell is so freaking lovely! Mischa has glued some glitter on it, Like!

Beads! Love beads!

This handmade Christmas tree stamp is so lovely! Definitely gonna use that next year!

Really nice vintage pictures!

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