Thursday, 26 December 2013

Incoming: Adventmail from Jolanda (the contents)

After a whole month of unpacking advent envelopes from Jolanda, this is what was all inside! After my first disappointment of the wrapping of the whole advent mail, there were some nice surprises inside! Stickers, masking tape, labels, pegs, craft stuff, some beauty things, a hanger, a bracelet, magnets, a card, a pencil, a pen and a keychain light.

My favourite was this Christmas card, normally I'm not into the 3D cards, but this one is really nice!

This shiny metal hanger is now on the knob of my old closet, looks really cute!

These funky red Christmas pegs are still on the same Tulip vase as I put them on to make this picture :-)

A bracelet with a coin on it.

Two tea lights covered with masking tape. Really easy but really cheerful!

A really nice hanger, it says: made with love.

A label, my daughters favorite by the way

And some beautystuff. A lip balm, a face mask and body butter. I'm not much of a beauty person, only use moisturiser, and sometimes some bodylotion, but will definitely use the body butter in wintery cold days.

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  1. Ik vind het toch nog een leuke snail mail, dat had ik na die foto's van de doos niet meer gedacht. Misschien niet helemaal jou smaak (ook niet echt de mijne) maar ik vind het toch wel een leuk geheel geworden! De coconut body butter is echt heerlijk!


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