Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Inspiration: Christmas at home

We are all ready for some festiveness around here! The house is decorated, but not as abundant as I use to, since I wasn't feeling really up to it this year. Still recovering from my intestine inflammation I decided to take it easy this Christmas. I did something I had never thought I would, I bought a fake Christmas tree! I just couldn't bring myself to drag me and the kids to find a "real" tree somewhere, which always turns out lopsided or with broken branches or something and me full of rashes from the pine needles. So I went to our local DIY store and bought a really fake Christmas tree with fake snow. I already had a white Christmas tree, but now I have two really fake trees. If you do it fake, fake it good I say.
And just to get into the festive mode, some festive snapshots from around the house.
A little display on the piano. And to stay in the postal theme, check out the mailboxes!

Even My Litlle Pony showed up this year.

I just love colour everywhere!

Okay, I have to be honest. The mantelpiece did start out looking like this. But in the meantime, my son decided it was a good place to put all his Skylanders (not on picture). Sigh....

I just don't manage to get the Christmas tree the right way on a picture. Must be because all the strings of light we put in, 6 or so. It's a total mess this fake tree, it's just full of, well, full of  everything. The kids could decide. It's full of colour and full of baubles, birds and flowers. And only 1 bauble got broken. That's a first.

Just love my wooden XMAS letters!

A tiny peek trough my house. And yes, that's the white Christmas tree over there.

But as a total postal freak, I just love all the Christmas cards coming in! You can't see them all, but there are a lot! From far away aunts and uncles, family and friends. But seems that this year, as postal rates are going up, people are not sending as much card as they use to. I know a lot of people who don't send Christmas cards any more.

These are the cards we sent out this year, a postal Santa Clause!. My boyfriend wrote them all, he's just so damn quick at it, that they are sent off before I know who the hell he'd sent them to! I always like to write something personal on the cards, but this year people have to do with just our names. And a lot of people didn't get a card since not all the people I want to sent a card are in our address book. Like all my snailmail buddies. Sorry about that guys!

I did find some more cards though which were half price! Love the fifties theme! Next year, a new attempt to write them before my boyfriend does. Love him anyway though.

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  1. Wat een leuke kerstkaart! Heel toepasselijk dat post thema! Ik heb dit jaar houten harten van de action als kerstkaart gebruikt voor de allerliefsten, de rest moet het doen met de restje van alle jaren er voor... Mijn kerstkaarten voor volgend jaar heb ik ook al klaar, de houten minikerstkransen die ik niet verkocht heb op de kerstmarkt 2 weken geleden. De rest krijgt weer de overblijfsels.
    Je kerstbomen zijn trouwens erg leuk! Ik hou wel van gek en kleurrijk in je boom! En hier ook nep, zo zonde om elk jaar weer een boom om te hakken voor die weken (heb 'm vandaag al weer naar zolder gedaan...)
    Ben wel benieuwd naar de rest van je huis, is het allemaal zo kleurrijk? Zag op elke muur een andere kleur!


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