Friday, 6 December 2013

Sinterkerst voor Bianca

For Bianca I've made a Sinterkerst mail! Over here we have a commercial from a telecom provider that always makes me laugh. It's about some rich people who got poor but still want to live rich. So they just celebrate Sinterklaas, Christmas (kerst) and New Years eve all in one! That's so funny I thought I'd make a combined mail for Bianca. She had sent me this really cute pink and green box some time ago with this really cute crocheted hedgehog. And since it's the end of the year, why not make a bit of an effort. New Years resolutions are for the new year.

The mail consisted of two packages. A Sinterklaas package and a Christmas package. Two mails in one! And a letter, since what is mail without a letter.

This was in the Sinterklaas package. Lots of Sinterklaas crafty stuff. A traditional chocolate letter with the letter B from Bianca. Some red and white ribbon, red and white hearts, labels, stickers (inside the envie), a dress up Sinterklaas and a note from Sinterklaas (no not really ofcourse, but during this time of year we send notes to one another in name of Sinterklaas, like you do with Santa).

The dress up Sinterklaas was maybe a bit childlike but it's kinda funny! Well I think anyway.

Then I've wrapped the chocolate letter and the other stuff into two presents which I then wrapped into another piece of wrapping paper. Unwrapping is just so cool! Just like when you are a kid, when you get a bit anxious to see what is inside on your birthday or at the night when all the presents arrive at Sinterklaas!

Inside the Christmas present were these white bags with red labels on them made with my really cool Motex letter writer thing. It said: a white Christmas, a vintage Christmas, a red Christmas, a chique (really fancy French word for classy) Christmas and a colourful Christmas.

These white bags were so fitting! Glad I ordered those! Inside was a lot of Christmas stuff!

A red Christmas.

A chique Christmas.

A vintage Christmas.

A white Christmas.

A colourful Christmas.

My origami stars came out great! I've made them when I was lying sick on the couch, gave me something to do besides social media :-)


  1. Prachtig weer! Ik vind vooral de aankleedsinterklaas super leuk!

  2. Wauw weer! Ik vind de aankleedSinterklaas hilarisch en je sterren prachtig!


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