Sunday, 22 December 2013

Outgoing: Festive mail in a small box

I've send out this festive mail to Nicolette. After my boyfriend wrote all the Christmascards (totally forgot to take a picture of him writing them), we were left with the empty box of Christmascards. Since I started this mailing project I seem to look at things with a "mailing eye", always checking if it would fit trough the mailbox. Well, this box was just perfect mailsize! But the lid was made of clear plastic. Wasn't sure if it would survive the Dutch mail, but thought I'd never find out if I don't try! So I gathered some festive cheerful stuff together what would fit inside the box! Some Christmas ribbon, masking tape, some stars, a card, some tags, a peg, stickers and some hearts.

Christmas tree masking tape! Found it at my garden center!

Love the sparkles!

Shiny shimmer, it's all part of Christmas.

Wrapping and unwrapping, is just so Christmas. I've made my own wrapping paper! So much fun and easy to do! Used pages from an old book and Christmas stamps! Stamp them in a pattern and there you have it, Christmas wrapping paper!

Everything just fitted snugly inside the box, I've put some felt snowflakes and Christmas trees on top for some extra cheer. It looked really classy!

Put the clear plastic lid on top, stuck my stamps on it and the address on a label sticker and crossed my fingers it would arrive!


  1. Wauw! Leuk ook zeg dat zelfgemaakte inpakpapier zo. Is het goed aangekomen?


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