Monday, 18 November 2013

Knitting, I've tried it.

Last week my friend and I did a workshop knitting. But not just any knitting! Christmas ball knitting like Arne and Carlos! They are like the knitting champions. So we thought we'd give it a go. A lot of real fanatic knitters at the workshop and me and my friend. She turned out to be quite all right at this knitting thing. Me however, I was a right disaster! Whilst the fanatic knitters just knitted away and finished it in no time at all, I was still knitting in row 10 or something and even managed to lose some stitches. I was really good at that though! I was really brilliant at being terrible at knitting! It's just not for me. I've tried it though, cause I had this idea to send all my snailmail friends a handknitted christmas ball this christmas, but in the speed of my knitting, that would be christmas in the year 2025. I'm real jealous of all those easy going knitting ladies. Maybe I should try crochet. But that would be a "must do" for next year.


  1. Oefening baart kunst! (zegt degene met een doorzettingsvermogen wat betreft haken en breien van 0,0)

    1. Nou, ik heb het opgegeven hoor! Ik maak nu maar pompoms van de wol :-)

  2. Ha! Ik heb nog een halfklare sjaal (met fouten erin) liggen van toen ik zwanger was... Twee jaar geleden.


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