Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A whole bunch of loveliness

Somewhere in the dark corners of internet I've found a whole bunch of loveliness. When I saw this bunch of lace applications I was sold, just thinking what I could use it all for. Well for almost everything I thought. But now they arrived I'm not so sure what I was thinking.

But what really caught my eye were these vintage papers with flowers on them! I saw them a while ago somewhere but they were sold to someone else before I could even blink my eyes. But now they were mine! It's not a postcard by the way, it's a folder with needles in them! Ever so cute! Like!


  1. Ik zou zeggen, leg het onder de scanner! ;-)

    1. Haha ik heb geen scanner! Ga ik toch maar eens regelen dan!


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