Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Postcrossing and papercutting

This arrived via Postcrossing! Normally I just receive a postcard, but this was an envelope! It made me really curious! I can't read Russian, so I had no idea from who it was. Turns out it's from Julia from a city I can't read.

And this was inside! A really cute drawing, a papercut and a postcard. What a cute drawing! On the back of it a note about the smels, sounds, tastes and feel of autumn. Like! And then that papercut! Like Like triple like! She has read my blog and thought I might like her papercutting and drawing! Well I do! I do very much!

And then that postcard! A definite favourite! It's a collection, vintage, butterflies, flowers, ephemera. Well, it just sums up what I'm really into. Such a cool mail! I'm definitely going to send her something to say thanks!


  1. Wow, knap geknipt! En omdat het via Postcrossing is een extra verrassing, leuk zeg!

  2. Zo Mooi!!! Zo heb ik al eens een grote bos atlas gekregen via postcrossing om enveloppen mee te maken!

  3. Lucky you! Heel mooie post en dat papierknipsel... om jaloers op te worden!


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