Tuesday, 26 November 2013

This week in postcards

Incoming mail:

Mail from China and Mexico via postcrossing. This is the Mexican one, very colourful!

Exotic stamps from China and Mexico.

Postcards from neighbour and neighbour! Dutch postcards for charity, they come with charity postage stamps as well. The stamps are quite horrid I think this year. Very gloomy. The postcards though are very colourful!

Outgoing mail:

Mail going out to Marieke, I've found sticky notes in shape of a kiss, and I have found a matching card! How cool is that! I'm also trying to write like a calligrapher, but I keep on trying I think.

Mail to a sick college with some hearts in it, thought that was a sweet thing to do. That would be a nice surprise when she's opening the envelope!

And some more outgoing mail, but about that later.

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