Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Anne Frank

My daughter has a thing for Anne Frank. She really wanted to visit the Anne Frank house. She wanted that for ages, but I figured she was a bit to young for all the terrible things that happened at that time. She kept insisting though. For her eight birthday she asked her grandmom to give her a book about Anne Frank, especially written for children. In the end she has read it twice and became a bit of an expert. She knew almost all there is to know about what happened to Anne Frank. And then the day finally arrived, we went to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam yesterday. My daughter, my mom and me. My daughter could even explain some things to us we didn't even know. Her final verdict was "it was very interesting, but also a bit sad". I got a bit sad, it's a sad story from history, which hopefully never will happen again. From the bookshop she selected a huge poster of Anne Frank for her room and two more books. She wants to give a talk about it in class. I got myself some postcards. Even a postcard from her wallpaper with some pictures on it. Now vintage, but then modern ofcourse. I'm not quite sure who I can send a postcard from Anne Frank though, gonna put some in my diary/scrapbook anyway.

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  1. It is very touching that Anne inspires your daughter.


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