Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pink and green snailmail box

Last week I have received this really cute small package from Bianca. I really like the stamps! The label with my name on it is also really cute.
After unwrapping, this is what I have found! Wow! That's a really cute little box!
After carefully removing the elastic band, I could open it.
Check this out! Yet another wow! I just love boxes and tins! Seems I am spoiled lately on that point!
And this was all inside the box! Colour coordinated in pink and green. Some hearts made with paperweaving, my daughter makes these aswell sometimes, simple and cute and with two different kinds of paper it looks different everytime (always like a bit of papercrafting). Some craft material: wobbly eyes, tiny pompoms, a tiny garland made of washi tape, ribbon, beads and really cute splitpins. But there is even more! A few tiny notebooks, and a melon post it and a shoppinglist post it! A teabag and two party umbrella's. Also two arms with hands, wasn't quite sure what they are used for. First I thought they were to scratch my back, but then I thought that was maybe a bit silly. I think they are for a slice of lemon in a glass of lemonade! To squeeze the juice out! Well, I think they are. They are funny anyway. And ofcourse a letter! And last but not least a really tiny and ever so cute little hedgehog! How cute is that!
After some family arguments (the kids wanted the hedgehog, but I wanted it to) we decided to place this ever so sweet tiny crocheted hedgehog in our autumn bowl full of chestnuts and acorns on top of a leaf. And everytime I walk by, I can't help but smile. So cute!
Such funky and colourful splitpins! And that tiny garland is so funny, maybe I am going to put that in one of my plants, or on a shelf somewhere. Just because I can!
An edelweiss button on the elastic band. This was a really colourful and fun mail! Like!

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  1. Wat een mooie snail mail! Die doos met dat elastiek en die knoop zijn echt prachtig!


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