Monday, 14 October 2013

Mail from Leia (the snailmail collective september)

The package from Leia arrived at the same day as Michelle's package. Leia's envelope was just stuffed to the max! I got really excited to open it. But unfortunately I was on my way to an eveningshift and had to wait. I felt like a kid on its birthday! The excitement of waiting! So I waited untill the next morning, my daughter of to school, my son with a flu on the couch, cup of coffee in front of me and sat down to carefully open Leia's and Michelle's package.
Leia's package turned out to be a feast in an envelope. Check out this beautiful wrapping with a card on top with the first letter of my name. Amazing! Loved it already!
My heart skipped a beat when onfolding the white tissue paper. How spoiled am I! I think I might have blushed a little. And how fun this all is! Colourful and fun! Scented colouring pencils, craft ribbon, washi tape, two postcards from Nashville and Tennessee, a card with a F, M&M's with pretzel flavour and a booklet with notecards. Wow! I think it's as diverse and colourful as Leia is! Check out her adventurous life over at her blog. She and her husband have traveled all over the world (kinda jealous) and have seen such beautiful places I can only dream of! She even got married in Costa Rica (beautiful pictures on her blog!). I always dream of getting married in Italy, but funds are lacking for that dream unfortunately. But then again, if you really love someone it doesn't matter where you get married. Or in our case, if you really love someone, you forget to get married........ Well, it's about love and that's the most important bit. Anyway I'm drifting off. After a quite moment admiring what was in front of me, I started to examine it all more closely. How cool is that ribbon! Love ribbon! You can do so many things with ribbon, tie it around a present, use it to decorate something (on a cover of my notebooks is my favourite, I often use ribbon as a frame for a nice picture), tie labels to something or sew it to something! This collection of ribbon is so diverse I can use it for different things. Now I am blogging this, I remember Leia asking what my favourite colour was, well turquoise! And the package had turquoise ribbon around it, and the ribbons are in turquoise and matching colours! Wow! After admiring everything I had to make way for the builder who was coming to make some new back doors for our house. At his coffee break we tried out the pretzel M&M's. My son thought they were a fun taste! The builder preferred a biscuit though after trying one. It's a different taste, first you taste chocolate, and then suddenly an salty/chocolate explosion! What a different taste! We don't have M&M's like that over here. Thanks Leia for letting us have a new taste!
What an amazing set of notecards! Sort of vintage style cards, and they are all different! Printed on front and back! Really spot on! Like like like! They are actually made for photoalbums with clear plastic pages, but I have never seen them over here before. Wow! Love them!
Also something I have never seen before, scented colouring pencils! And check out the lovely bright colours! How great these are! And they really are scented! The package smelled really sweet while unpacking. How cool would this be, colouring with a banana scented pencil, or a strawberry scented pink pencil! And hell yes! I'll still like to colour! Luckily my daughter was off to school, she would certainly have giving me a hard time when she had seen them! But for now, I am going to use them for myself. Wondering if I can make scented drawings.
And washi tape! What's not to like about washi tape! I LOVE washi tape! You can decorate almost everything with washi tape! Thank you so much Leia for spoiling me! Certainly going to join another Snailmail collective! How wonderful it is to meet new amazing people from around the world!


  1. I like that tape pattern! All your mail is so wonderful.

  2. Thank you! Feel free to do a mail exchange with me!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed it! The scented colored pencils were new for me, too- I had never seen that before! =)


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