Saturday, 12 October 2013

Sent Snailmail collective september

I signed up for the snailmail collective september (check out A really great initiative to meet people from around the world. Last month i signed up for the first time and got introduced to Andi from So in september i decided to sign up again. I got paired with two great people. I only had to sent to one person a mail, but we decided to sent to both. And i am glad we did! I was signed up with Leia from the USA and Michelle from Australia. After a few weeks getting to know each other via email, facebook and blog it was time to send out mail! Theme of september was "back to school". I've found a tabletholder that reminded me of my first schoolbag, the front was exactly the same! Only mine was made of brown leather and was really big and full of books! Since both Michelle and Leia are adults, i thought it would be cool to sent them this tabletholder, also great for other stuff by the way! I've drawn the tabletholder on the envelope. I actually wanted to use grey ink, but i couldn't find it anymore! It was probably somewhere in a box in the attic since i am doing up my studio. I did find a grey marker though. The result was a a bit, well, nothing like it would be like with ink, but that was due to the marker. But since the same was inside the envelope i thought it would be okay.
This is what i have sent to Leia. I had cut out leia's name on a notebook, washi tape and stationary, my favourite ballpoint. And a letter with a good luck Miffy.
To Michelle i have sent almost the same, but with different colour stationary. I had tried to cut out Michelle's name, but it was way to much letters to fit in! I've used her initials instead.
The papercutting gave out beautiful shadows! Thought it was such a shame to glue some paper behind it that would get rid of the shadows, i just let it be.

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