Sunday, 6 October 2013

Thrift shop happiness

I just love thrift shops. LOVE! I always find treasures I can use for mail or reuse for something. I've found this dark green seventies letter holder. It's not really pretty or something, but suddenly I imagined this hanging on the wall of my studio when it's finished. Some cool wallpaper and this on the wall. Some nice cards and letters in it. And when something gets me started daydreaming, it must be good and I have to have it!
I've also found some cute vintage spool knitting puppets. A real treasure I've found was a book full of vintage illustrations! Loads and loads of illustrations in it! I can use them for making cards or whatever I can think of. But when I got home, my husband loved that book and thought it would be such a waste to start cutting in it. We'll see. Also I've found a vinyl single of classical music I'm gonna use for a snailmail. Love the cover of it. Also an old kitchenscale (great for weighing mail) and a book about papercrafting from the seventies I'm definitely gonna use to make some papercrafts. It was good hunting at the thrift shop today!


  1. Ik ben ook dol op kringloopwinkels, en wat een leuke dingen heb je gevonden. De illustratie's in het boek zijn prachtig. Als ik een boek speciaal koop om in te knippen heb ik daar totaal geen moeite mee, maar in mijn oude kinderboeken ga ik echt geen schaar zetten...

    1. Ik mag alleen niet zo vaak van mezelf naar de kringloop, ik sjouw altijd veel te veel mee terug :-)

  2. Wat een goede kringloop heb jij! Ik heb dezelfde regel voor mezelf ;-(


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