Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Autumn purse

My big plan was to make an envelope out of fabric for Mischa. I had some fabric lying around, but I was actually lacking a real "plan". So I just went along in what I had and what I thought I could do with it, without really measuring anything. Well, that turned out like this sort of purse. I used scraps from the lining of an old wintercoat, a hat (well, I think it used to be a hat) and a babydress from my daughter. I thought these colours matched the autumcolours outside. From the babydress I removed the straps to use them on the purse, the fabric of the dress I have used for the lining. On the dress was this little belt band which I sewed in the middle. That made it into a holder for a pen and a pencil. On the back I have embroidered a deer. Although it looked more christmassy than autumn in the end. This is what I have put inside. Two autumn postcards, some craft paper tied together, two craft mushrooms, post-it memos in a tag shape, a squirrel, some autumn craft stuff, two cards from a memorygame, a pen and pencil, a leaf made of MDF, a bird on a piece of wood and a long letter. The letter maybe didn't look like a long letter, but I have folded an A4 size paper into three and I have written small this time. Used both sides and you end up with a letter of 6 pages! And that just on 1 sheet of paper. Real mail efficiency :-) I just love mushrooms, they are kinda magical. Autumncraft stuff is great! It's small but with endless possibilities! Some tiny leafs, a crocheted mushroom (i totally did NOT do that myself, I suck at crochet), some small gold sparkly deer and an apple. You can stick it on cards or in a journal or on stationary or whatever! Kids love this kind of stuff aswell! I found a whole bunch of these wooden cuttings at the DIY store. I thought it would be really good to make a hanger out of it. They were a bit whitewashed already, perfect for a drawing! So I drew a bird on it and drilled a hole in it, tied a rope through it, and there you go! Hopefully the contents of the purse make up for my badly sawn purse. Next time me and my sewingmachine are going haywire, I'm going to make a plan first. I promise.

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