Sunday, 27 October 2013

Superhero mail

Check out this really cool and funky superhero mail Marloes (Tante tee) has sent me! She was in the process of making it, but didn't know who to send it when she mentioned it on a Facebook page. I replied that I found it a brilliant theme as I was wearing my Superman tshirt at that time and she sent it to me!

Inside the envie two small packages, this was all wrapped together nicely, it made me quite curious what was all inside!
I just have a soft spot for vintage style, and this was all in a kinda vintage comic style. Super colourful and full of humor! This is wat was all inside! A superhero mask, a do it yourself superhero, some tags, a card, a doorhanger, some partyflags, some comic tags, stickers and a superhero bracelet!
Coincidental was, when I received the package I was wearing my Superman tshirt! And with this bracelet my outfit was completed! Aren't we all really superhero's?
My son also had a great time with this mail! The superhero mask is making overtime and the "POW" tags are being used for playing superhero! This was such a fun mail!

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