Friday, 18 October 2013

Postcrossing mini-meeting

Marieke and I decided on having a postcrossing mini meeting. She is like the postcrossing Queen! We thought it would be really fun to sent and write postcards all over the world together. She brought me a present and a card! How sweet is that! I love the card with vintage nurses on it she wrote me. It's actually a get well soon card, and I'm not sick or anything, but she knew I would love this! And I do! I'm just a sucker for vintage and since I am a nurse this is perfect! In the present were loads of postcards! Some were really wonderful (birds, a cat doing yoga), maybe I am just not going to send the cool ones off, but hang them on my wall :-) So we got our stuff together, made some fresh mint tea and off we went! It turned out really chaotic since we got chatting and lost track of time, so when we finally got down to write cards, the kids decided to join in, which even made it more chaotic. We ended up with a table full of markers, postage stamps, stamps, pens, ink, stickers, books, etc. A total chaos! I will save you the photo, but believe me, it was a mess.... When the kids got to bed, and I cleared to table I sat down and looked at all the cards we wrote. Marieke has great stamps from Miss Honeybird (they are on my bucketlist!) which we used on the cards, some stamps are mine by the way, the typewriter stamp is mine for instance. My son has drawn some cute little drawings on the cards, I love this tiny crocodile! And although we ended up in chaos, Marieke and I decided to do this again some day, it was so much fun!

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