Monday, 28 October 2013

Good mailday

And then you come home from work, tired, bouncing kids in the back of the car, thinking about what to cook that takes only 5 minutes to make (there's really nothing you can cook in just 5 minutes, not even Jamie Oliver can manage a whole meal in 5 minutes), a quick glance at my mailbox and really good mail in there! That just lifted my mood in an instant! Check out these really nice envelopes
Mail from Marieke and from Leuke Post! I treated myself to mail from Leuke Post. You can choose a theme, and I chose art&kitsch and I get send (and don't know when) 5 times mail! How cool is that! ! Surpisemail! Love these glassine bags by the way. Inside two vintage style collages, like! And a stickercard from Marieke, another big like!

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  1. Wat leuk! Ga meteen even op haar site kijken!


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