Thursday, 31 October 2013


Yesterday I was shopping for groceries and I found some cheap Halloween stuff, the kids would just love this, so I selected some paper tableware. And suddenly it hit me! Perfect mailbox size! So I made a quick package for Marieke. Real quick, since I was supposed to take my son to his swimminglesson. I forgot to photograph the wrapped package, but this I'd what I have put inside: a card, a napkin and two paperplates, some halloweencandy and (already wrapped in a napkin) some catfood! (for the cat ofcourse)
The card was just quickly put together, but because I didn't have time to think about it, it turned out quite nice I thought. I have no idea if Marieke has received it today on halloween, hope so :-) Update: she did receive it on Halloween!
I also carved a pumpkin last night. My first ever! Well what's halloween without a pumpkin hey!
And although we don't actually celebrate halloween, my daughter thought it would be fun to dress up for dinner as a witch! Including the black lipstick!
As dinner we even had halloween style sausages ;-) which came in handy today since I didn't have time to cook. I had spent my day at a big craftfair, spent way to much money at craftmaterial i decised i could not live without, but got some good deals!

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