Thursday, 24 October 2013

Retro snailmail

This week I've received a retro mail from Anne. She was making a retro snailmail and asked who was interested in receiving it. Well, I was! I love retro and vintage style. Unfortunately someone else reacted a bit sooner. Since more people reacted on Anne's Facebook call, she decided to send 6 more people a retro inspired mail. She turned into a small retro style mail making factory! This is the envelope I received.
And this is what was all inside the envie. A small tin, two paperbags which contained a really cool retro tag and the other a letter and her own business card from her blog: Vier Vandaag. A postcard, a bag with really nice vintage stickers and a bag with a paper dress-up doll.
Isn't this a sweet retro style dress-up doll? I think so.
And then there was this tin. In the same pale green colour as the tag (I just like that, colour coordinated)
Inside even more small green things!
And all this inside the little tin: some stickers and stamps, small confetti, a small fluffy green ball, some flowers, a green peg, a paper butterfly, a small paper leaf and a small picture. I just love little tins and boxes. That's definitely my soft spot.


  1. Wat een mooi bericht heb je ervan gemaakt! Leuk hoor, ook die foto's :)
    Groetjes, Anne

    1. Dank je wel! Ik maak altijd foto's met mijn telefoon, maar dat blijft altijd wel lastig. Een camera met Wi-Fi staat hoog op mijn verlanglijstje :-)


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