Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Autumn snailmail

Since it's autumn, how could I not create an autumn related snailmail. Actually I'm not to keen on the weather in autumn. It's chilly and dark in the mornings. It rains, a lot. Autumn storms gushing against the windows. Never knowing if I have to wear a wintercoat or a raincoat. But, autumn colours are amazing! Those changing colours of trees, browns, yellows and reds. Acorns and nuts falling of trees. Roads get layered with a soft carpet of leafs. If autumn could have the same weather as springtime, that would almost make it my favourite season (spring is my favourite). Well, anyway, I've made this autumn mail for Nancy. Still I get insecure if someone would really like what I'm sending. Thankfully she loved it!
I've made a (not sure how to call it) a book, folder or a box? Well, it's a one of a kind storage thing.
It folds open to reveal all different kind of autumn stuff! And also to keep everything safe during traveling from mailbox to mailbox. I had this dark green dotty paper to make folders to hold cards and pictures. Some tiny bags were put together with a splitting pin.
A little deer surprise when it's empty. Well, detail is everything. To me it is.
This is what I've managed to put inside! A letter with a deer stamp I've found on a clear stamp sheet. It was full of Christmas stamps, but this deer caught my eye. I love it! Deer are cool animals. A label (with the same stamp), two autumn postcards from www.natuurlijkefoto.nl, a handmade postcard with a robin, a matchbox, a small box, a fridgemagnet that says: my deer, pictures of deer, three autumn cards from a memory game, a little bag of felt squirrels and leafs, some seeds that look like leafs from a bush I came across, some autumn pictures with glitter on them and four autumn playingcards.
I started making matchboxes a while ago, they are so much fun! You can create a tiny world inside a matchbox! A really tiny figure inside, no bigger than 1 cm or something, maybe even smaller. On Pinterest I've found some really cool ideas for acorns, decided to give that a go. With glue and gold glitter inside the little hat of an acorn it suddenly managed to go from an average acorn to a fancy little sparkly acorn! Well, I thought it turned out like a cool little matchbox
Another cool acorn project, use cool beads to glue inside the acorn hat. Real classy acorns! A little box I had lying around, a picture of a deer and washi tape. It's all you need


  1. Ik zit even lekker je hele blog te lezen, haha. Deze is ook prachtig!

  2. Wat een prachtige snail! Ik vind vooral die geborduurde herten op de voorkant zo mooi, heb een zwak voor die borduurwerkjes... komt uit de flow of niet?

    1. Haha ja, die is uit de Flow. Ik hoop nog steeds een "echt" borduurwerk te vinden bij de kringloop om een keer te gebruiken


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