Friday, 11 October 2013

Traditional costume snailmail

I really wanted to make a colourful snailmail for Bianca. I had this book lying around about Dutch traditional costume. I had already started cutting in it, so I could use all the pictures I wanted! I just love the bright colours and patterns. How amazing are they! After selecting some colourful pictures (costumes from all different regions of the Netherlands), I found some colourful paper to match. I had some clear plastic packaging lying around that I found such a waste to throw away. I had some matching craftmaterial lying around to go in the packaging. Well, that's how it all came together. I had already made a card with waving women some time ago that fitted in the theme..  But then I suddenly realised it looked like a sort of shopping display this way. Way to neat for my liking....

Lace, tiny lace flowers, colourful fake gemstones, buttons, a big lace flower, blue sewing thread, paper flags and confetti, blue post-it notes and an envelope with bathfoam. I found some really cool and colourful wrapping paper hanging around and made 7 bags out of it! Thought it would be really cool to sticker the bags with numbers, for each day of the week one bag. So you can have mail for a whole week! A "how to use it" I've wrote on the back of the card. And ofcourse a long letter in a matching envelope. Cause mail without a letter, isn't real snailmail! The outside envelope I've decorated in the same colourful style. The only thing left now, is hoping that Bianca is going to like it!


  1. Deze is ook erg leuk! Mooi papier, en de klederdracht (mijn voorouders komen van het voormalige eiland schokland en ze liepen altijd in klederdracht, vandaar dat ik het misschien altijd zo leuk vind)
    En het idee van de 7 zakjes voor elke dag van de week is ook super!

    1. Ik vind het altijd zo mooi klederdracht, die patronen en kleuren! Jammer dat er niet veel mensen meer in lopen, snap het wel, het is geen comfortabele kleding natuurlijk


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