Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Vintage snailmail from Nancy

This week I met Nancy in the digital world of Facebook, where she was looking for snailmail friends. She posted some examples from stuff she likes. Well I liked that stuff aswell! This is what she send me, a really fun and colourful decorated envie to start with.

Check out these great deer postage stamps! The postman also stamped the Japanese stamps Nancy put on it. I think he thought to stamp it anyway, just to be safe. On the back of the envelope a really cute snailmail sticker. I even managed to peel it off! Gonna stick that in my scrapbook, for keeps! Like! This was just the kind of mail that ticked every box of paperstuff I really really like! Sometimes you receive something that really makes you smile. Well, that was definitely the case here! Overjoyed with snailmail pleasure! A little garland with my name (cool!), a tag with my name, some vintage cards (like!), three word balloon 3D stickers, a few pieces of paper with: La vie est belle (life is beautiful) on it, a picture of her wall in her kitchen full of vintage enamel advertising boards (jealous!), a collage of herself, home and life (like!) and a vintage picture of an astronaut. A small envelope from China reused (wich was full of the small papers), a letter and a tag with dots. A vintage page from a childrens book and a teabag. It's not the amount of paper beauty that made me happy, but the attention to detail and because it was all in the same style. Well, I really appreciate that! Only thing that worries me, how can I match this? Makes me a tad insecure I guess. I'm noticing a real difference in letters people send, some people send superficial letters without really telling anything about themself, and some are really personal where you get a glimpse in someone's life. I like the latter. This was the case here, like! And a great stamp that's on my bucket list! It's from a clear stamp sheet from Marianne's design. A real cool vintage stamp!

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  1. Ik vind ook, het is niet de hoeveelheid snail die je ontvangt maar de aandacht die er aan is besteed. Ik heb wel eens een envelop gehad vol met stickers, kaarten e.d. die ik zelf nog kon gebruiken, erg leuk hoor, maar vind zo'n snail als van hierboven leuker. En die stempel is trouwens prachtig!


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