Saturday, 19 October 2013

Wonderful mail from Inge

When I got home from work the other day there was an envelope sticking out of my mailbox. Our mailbox is at the front of our hedge, not in our front door as most mailboxes are. It was totally wedged in the mailbox! It took me about five minutes to get out, it was totally stuck but also totally wedged in. When it got loose it made a jump in the air and finally landed some metres away from me. Well, that was an excited envelope I thought! So I made myself a cup of tea and sat down to carefully open it. I love these butterfly postage stamps from Belgium! Inside the envelope was a cute metal box. It was clear were it got stuck in my mailbox, right in the middle of the box! I got really excited! How beautiful! The inside of the lid! How gorgeous! And some silver tissue paper inside the box. After carefully opening the tissue paper so much to discover! Check this out! It's all wonderful! A letter in which Inge wrote she liked my secret snailmail book so much, she wanted to send me something special in return. She had found this old sigarbox at her gran's house which she decorated herself. I love all the stuff inside! A small bottle of perfume, a Chocotoff, a felt bird, felt balloons, stickers, a cute tiny envelope, stamps, some tags, a crocheted flower, a windowsticker, three heartshaped buttons and a present. I noticed something small on the present, first I thought it was a postage stamp. But it was a tiny envelope! How cute is that! Inside the tiny envelope a tiny letter. Because she liked my mail so much and I wrote I liked the washi tape she used, she sent me some of that amazing washi tape! I am so happy! Inge rules! This is all so amazing! I feel very grateful to receive this. And its not so much the wonderful box and all the amazing stuff inside, it's the way it makes me feel. That someone made this, especially for me. Wow!

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