Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mail from Michelle (the snailmail collective september)

Sometimes life gives you little treasures. Michelle and Leia were my partners from the snailmailcollective. Michelle sent me an email that she received my package last week. She was very happy with it. The tabletholder was spot on, and the notebook with her initials cut out she is really going to use. I am glad she liked it. But anyway, she emailed me that my package arrived that day. And just before i went of for my eveningshift, i checked my mailbox. Two parcels! From both Leia end michelle! How amazing is that, my package to australia arrived on exactly the same day as the other two packages arrived to the Netherlands. It was only the next day, in daylight that i had time to open up the packages.

Inside the envelope a beautiful paper bag. Love it! I love vintage maps! And a cool sticker on the bag. I got really curious what was inside, but didn't want to rip the bag. Also i was curious what Michelle decided to sent me. We have never met in person, so she could only relate to what we have written to each other. She had asked though what i would want to study if i would go back to school. My answer was either psychology or graphic design. Michelle herself seems a very balanced person. She is a pilates teacher who teaches tpilates teachers. She is also in training for the New York marathon! How amazing! To even wanting to give that a go, she must be a very determined person who sets goals for herself. I admire that, i just take things as they come, no real goal or direction, never knowing what to decide in life. She's also a peoples person i think, lots of pictures with friends on facebook with happy faces, she seems very secure of herself (unlike me, i hate photos of myself, always think i look stupid, or fat).

This is what she has sent me, a card with a beautiful saying of the Dalai Lama with a letter from michelle inside, a vintage mapcard from Australia, stickers and a curious little box.

The curious little box turned out to have beautiful little paper things inside. Love the colours and patterns. First i thought they were tiny envelopes. But on further inspection there was a clue on the back of the box. They were page corners! How amazing in its simplicity! I have never seen anything like this over here! And what a beautiful way to highlight pages in books! I always fold my pages in the books i have read, donkey ears we call them in the Netherlands, but this is such a beautiful way to keep my books from folding. Also thinking of maybe using them as a tiny envelope for a tiny letter. Certainly for keeps!
Thank you very much Michelle, it was amazing to connect to you, thank you for your gifts, brillance in simplicity!


  1. Me too! Thinking of creating something like that from old maps


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